Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Green Grumbles Be Gone!

Yah, you're seeing "our" green with other floral greens, and it's OKAY! Where were you, With This Ring, a few days ago when I was stupidly stressing about greens?!

Source: With This Ring

In scrolling through her wedding, there are so many similarities to mine - bold green, black and white damask, etc. But I also noticed that there are different shades of green represented throughout the wedding, and not just with the flowers. The flower girl dresses, pashminas for the bridesmaids, etc.

Source: With This Ring

If I hadn't been having a "green crisis" when I was reading through these posts, I honestly don't think I would have even acknowledged that the greens were different...I would have just enjoyed looking at her wedding and seeing how fabulous all of the little details were. And I know (or at least hope) that everyone will think the same about my wedding, whether I showcase 1 or 10 different shades of green.

All of you readers have given me great feedback as I was wavering on such a silly little detail - the color/flower of groomsmen boutonnieres. I'm vowing to not think about it again, to take examples of the green with me when I meet with my florist in July and let her help me make a decision that not only will look great, but will hold up well throughout the day. Because I'm going to guess that as a floral designer, her intentions are the same as mine - a beautiful end result!

What has given you perspective on planning "dilemmas," whether big or small?


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