Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gettin' Low, Gettin' Low...Arrangements

As I recently posted, we've gone through some centerpiece adjustments and will have lovely branch centerpieces for 8 of our receptions tables. We're left with 6 or 7 tables (depending on the number of guests) to outfit with "low" arrangements.

Since my original plan was to have a single stem on each of the 15 tables, I had already been budgeting around $9/table for this, or $135 total. Now that 8 of the tables are otherwise taken care of, that $135 can go toward just 7 tables. That gives me around $19/table to play around with.

I still want to use one of these small Crate & Barrel vases on each of those tables for the low arrangements (I mean, I have them, I may as well use them...):

When I was recently looking around for some green floral inspiration, I happened across these two low arrangements on With This Ring.

This first arrangement is pretty and definitely green(!!) but I don't know if it's as vibrant as I'd like.

Source: With This Ring

However, I'm swooning over this second arrangement (and it's a bathroom arrangement, of all things!). It's vibrant and fresh, which is what we've been trying to achieve overall. These kermit pompon mums have been growing on me a lot, too...might be cute to incorporate in other places as well?!

I'd love it if the bridesmaid bouquets had this "fresh" feel as well to them. No, no, I'm not planning on changing any flowers - I still want hydrangeas (which this arrangement has), dahlias and ranunculus in all of the bouquets, but I'm liking how these mums "pop." Maybe they could be added in?

I'll be sitting down with my florist in about two weeks - I plan on showing her this inspiration picture and seeing what my $20 an arrangement can buy me! I'm so excited to share with her all of my inspiration so far regarding all of the flowers for the wedding and hear what suggestions she may have.


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