Thursday, June 11, 2009

Giving Stylish "Thanks"

I never thought I'd love a thank you card more...until I saw Etsy seller Rasideas' "Around the House" thank you notes. The gray is just perfect (all of the walls in our condo are painted gray, and we love it!), and the clean simplicity of these cards fits our style to a "t."

And, aren't they perfect because at my bridal shower in July people will kindly be buying us our...

Source for all photos: Etsy utensils... glasses...

...some cute yellow towels for our bathroom... cards we can use toward a tv stand we love...

...and toward some fabulous dining room chairs we desperately need...

I have some time before my end-of-July shower, so I must simply hold off on even contacting Rasideas for the time being (as desperately as I want to!)...of the things this wedding absolutely needs right now, thank you cards aren't a priority right now. But I can still drool over them, right?

Each set of 10 comes with these 5 different lovely designs and customized with your names.

What's next on your "Etsy lineup"?


Tenille June 11, 2009 at 3:13 PM  

Those are amazingly cute. Love the clean look to them.

My next Etsy purchase (don't you just love Etsy?) has been the man's wedding ring and I'm going to buy some cufflinks to surprise him as well.

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